Enrique Iglesias


Fri  4 September 2015
20:30 - 21:45
Sam Cooke


Enrique Iglesias

His famous last name is no coincidence: singer Enrique Iglesias is the son of Julio. But moreover he’s a worldwide superstar in his own right, having secured his first record contract under an assumed name (Enrique Martinez) as he wanted to succeed without the use of his well-known name. And it worked! Iglesias got his breakthrough in the late 90s when he started singing in English as well as Spanish. In the following decade especially he scored hit after hit, for instance with Bailamos, Rhythm Divine, Could I Have This Kiss Forever (with Whitney Houston), Hero, Escape, and Can You Hear Me. To this day he has ten albums to his name. Last year saw the release of his latest, Sex And Love, including hit single Bailando. Iglesias has sold over 137 million albums, making him one of the bestselling Latin artists in the world.