Los Lobos

Tex Mex - Blues

Sat  31 August 2013
21:30 - 22:45
Sir Duke


Los Lobos ©2010 DREW REYNOLDS

Los Lobos was formed in 1973 by highschool friends from East Los Angeles. From the very beginning, the band members refused to limit themselves to a certain genre, instead taking influences from rock, Tex-Mex, country, folk, R&B, blues and traditional Spanish and Mexican music. In 1987, the five-piece band scored a worldwide hit with La Bamba, the title track of the film with the same name. Tours followed, supporting such acts as U2, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead. Through the years, Los Lobos produced a long list of albums of which the latest, Tin Can Trust, was released in 2010. For that, the band members went back to their East L.A. roots to record. Their resume also includes several Grammy Awards.