Points of
sale on

The official tickets are available at the ticket outlets:

• Mensing Caminada (only credit cards and Maestro)
• Tik-Tak (only credit cards and Maestro)
• 24 Uur uit de Muur (credit card, Maestro and cash).
• VBK, Sambiel L55-57, +59997352347
• by telephone: 522-JAZZ
and at the box office at the festival site.

Tickets are $ 195.00 or Nafl 354.90, incl ob per day. Payment in instalments is possible via 522-JAZZ, you do pay nafl 15.00 additional cost.

CNSJ Entrance Tickets 30 August 2018: a.o. Silvestre Dangond, Farruko
Purchase a package: one entrance ticket for Friday 31 August plus one entrance ticket for Saturday 1 September and receive one entrance ticket for Thursday 30 Augustus. Buy two tickets for Friday plus two tickets for Saturday and you will receive two tickets for Thursday etcetera. When purchasing online at Ticketmaster choose Package Thursday + Friday + Saturday.

Tickets for Thursday 30 August are based on availability only.