Dr. John & the Nite Trippers

Traditional Jazz, New Orleans Jazz - R & B

Sat  30 August 2014
19:00 - 20:15


Dr. John & the Nite Trippers

Malcolm John "Mac" Rebennack, Jr., better known as Dr. John, started out as a session musician in the late 50s when he was a teenager. He gained a cult following in the late 60s and became wider known in the early 70s, with his wildly theatrical stage show inspired by medicine shows, Mardi Gras costumes and voodoo ceremonies. A skilled boogie and blues pianist with a growly voice, his repertoire ranges from his own brand of “voodoo” music for which he fused New Orleans R&B, rock, and Mardi Gras craziness to traditional blues and R&B. Nowadays, his musical career extends well over five decades in which he released over twenty albums and won six Grammy Awards.