Stevie Wonder

Funk - Soul

Sat  3 September 2011
23:00 - 00:45
Sam Cooke


Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder's incredible musical career brought him 49 Top 40 singles, 32 number one hits, an Academy Award for I Just Called to Say I Love You, a staggering 25 Grammy Awards and a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. His participation in the massive "We Are the World campaign” against famine in Africa in 1985 was a milestone in the music industry. And also his involvement in fighting apartheid in South Africa is much praised.

Living legend Steve Morris was born on May 13, 1950 in Saginaw. At his birth he gets administered too much oxygen and he remains blind the rest of his life. Years later he says that it was "a gift from heaven, so I could concentrate better on my ear." That Stevie is a true Wonder-child, becomes clear at the age of 12 when Little Stevie Wonder is offered a record contract and he scores a direct hit with his first number one single Fingertips - Pt2. Thanks to his energetic performances little Stevie scored many hits and at 15-years old he is already world famous.