Live broadcast
CNSJF Concert
‘Tribute to Doble R’
at Brionplein

At the moment, the organization is busy with the preparations for the grand free concert by the Dutch Metropole Orchestra that will pay tribute to the great Curaçao artist Doble R (Rignald Recordino) on Thursday 28 August.

As already confirmed by the organization of the festival, all free admission tickets for the concert taking place at the festival site at WTC were handed out during a very successful happening on 30 April last.

On a daily basis, however, the organization continues to receive requests from visitors hoping that more free tickets will be made available for this concert.

In order to meet the desire of so many people eager to attend this concert, Fundashon Bon Intenshon has decided to broadcast the concert live via a large screen placed on Brionplein on Thursday 28 August. This way anyone who will not be present at the festival site will still be able to enjoy this unique event.

Of course, admission to the live broadcast on Brionplein will also be free.

Fundashon Bon Intenshon hopes that all fans and admirers of the music of Doble R will be present in large numbers at Brionplein to pay tribute to ‘their’ Doble R.

The concert at the festival site and thus also the live broadcast on Brionplein will start on Thursday 28 August at 20:30 hrs.