Unfortunately no Curaçao North Sea Jazz in 2023

To our great regret, there will be no Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival in 2023. We did everything in our power to make it happen, but due to a combination of logistical challenges, staff shortages, extremely busy tour schedules and huge cost increases in the aftermath of the corona pandemic, organizing the large multi-day festival in Curaçao has proved unfeasible.

For a long time, we truly believed the festival would return to Curaçao in a big way this summer. But as is known, the concert and festival industry worldwide has been hit hard by the pandemic and the consequences are still very much present. Not only are we faced with huge staff shortages and rising costs, but also artist tour schedules are extremely busy. And on top of that, we still face major logistic troubles: international travel with large groups remains a challenge, as does the availability and transportation of equipment and hardware.

After thorough consideration we had no choice but to make this difficult decision. But we keep hoping for the return of the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival in 2024.