Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival takes place at the site of the World Trade Center Piscadera Bay near Willemstad.
There are three stages, two outside and one inside the World Trade Center.
There are seats in front of the indoor stage, the other two stages are standing with a grandstand on one side. There is also several outdoor seating around the catering points.
No, it's not allowed to bring your own (folding) chair or stool.
We do not handle a minimum age but we don’t have a special ticket price for children. 
It’s not allowed to bring your own food and drinks. At the festival there are plenty catering establishments with a varied assortment of drinks and food.
The whole festival is accessible for disabled persons.
Many music fans coming to the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival really enjoy capturing their favorite artist on camera, so they can relive the moment at home, or look at the pictures with the grandchildren. Of course, we understand this is an enjoyable pastime. However, we would like to issue a word of warning. Many artists dislike all those flashlights during a performance.

The organizers have received countless requests from artists and their managers to ban photographers from the festival. For this reason, we would like you to adhere to the following rules: festival visitors can only bring miniature cameras. Professional photo, film and/or other recording equipment is restricted to accredited press photographers only.