Rubén Blades

Salsa - Latin Jazz - World Music

vi.  31 agosto 2012
22:00 - 23:15
Sam Cooke



The interest for the performance of Ruben Blades on the second edition of Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival was so big, that we couldn’t fit all his fans in. That’s why this all-rounder from Panama will return to Curaçao for the third edition of the festival. After he was politically active as Minister of Tourism in his home country, Blades is now focussing on his biggest passion: music. And fans are more than happy to welcome him back in the music spotlights. His most recent tour with Seis del Solar sold over a million tickets and gave birth to the DVD production which was awarded a Latin Grammy for Best Salsa album. The latin, jazz and salsa legend was also awarded a Grammy for best singer-songwriter for his album ‘Cantares del Sub-desarrollo’.