30 August

Silvestre Dangond

Colombian singer and instrumentalist Silvestre Dangond has become a star with his updated take on vallenato, a traditional musical style from the Caribbean regions of Colombia. He attributes his talents to his parents: his father is singer William José “El Palomo” Dangond Baquero, while his mother, Dellys Corrales Rojas, passed down her charismatic nature to him. Growing up in a musical household, Silvestre became interested in performing at a young age, maturing into an accomplished singer and timbale player. After completing high school, he chose to make music his career. He first teamed up with accordion player Ramón López, and after that, accordionist Juancho de la Espriella, with whom he made seven very successful albums, quickly becoming the nation's top vallenato act. From 2013’s album La 9a Batalla, Dangond went it alone and is still topping the charts as a solo artist. His latest album, Gente Valiente, was released last year.