Roberto Fonseca

Straight-ahead-jazz - Latin Jazz

Sat  3 September 2011
19:00 - 20:15
Sir Duke


Roberto Fonseca ©2009 Balint Hrotko

Roberto Fonseca is one of the young Cuban musicians who are privileged to work with the golden generation of this Caribbean island. Born in 1975 and raised in a musical family, he played piano since he was eight. However, he preferred percussion, which is still noticeable when you hear him play. His percussion-driven piano style became Fonseca’s trademark over the years.

His musical career took a huge leap forward when he was invited to support Rubén González in the Orquesta de Ibrahim Ferrer. That opened doors to celebrities like Omara Portuondo, Cachaíto López and many other Cuban All Stars, with which he has performed throughout the world. This wealth of musical encounters can be heard on his last two albums ‘Zamazu’ and ‘Akokan’.